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Opening ports in the firewall for the Mail Server

January 10, 2010 by admin  
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There are standard ports that are used to access most services. For example, accessing a website generally uses port 80 for normal (HTTP) web pages and port 443 for secure (HTTPS) pages. Smtp Smtp generally uses port 25 for connections although there are recommendations for port 587 (see the official documentation for details). Pop and [...]

Clean/Flushing Exim mail queue

October 7, 2009 by admin  
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Sometimes, it is necessary to clean the mail queue of exim. It is not very tough thing to to. Use the following steps to do the same: Login to WHM as root Click Mail Queue Manager from Email section of left side menu You will get a new page in right frame. Click Delete all [...]

Default (catchall) email address setup in cPanel

August 5, 2009 by admin  
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Using the default email address feature, you can catch all un-routed emails. That means, when an email is received in your domain but there is no such recipient, the emails will be bounced. However, you can receive all such mails using default email address. To setup: 1. Login to your control panel ( 2. Click [...]