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Finding all subdomains of any specific domain (DNS afxr)

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It is possible to get list of all subdomains of any domain name. However, that must be allowed by the DNS Server. This is called AXFR. Step One: Getting authoritative nameserver(s) from linux shell dig Now check the output in authority section. Let assume it is Now use the dig command as follow: [...]

How to edit DNS zone (A, CNAME, TXT) in cPanel (not in WHM) as End User (Domain Owner)

December 18, 2009 by  
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Recently cPanel Inc. introduced Simple and Advanced DNS Zone Editor for the domain owner (server’s end user). It was introduced for cPanel version 11.25 (Release 42213). cPanel provided two types of editor. One is simple editor another one is advanced editor. Using simple editor, domain owners can manage A and CNAME records. However, TXT records [...]

How to point a sub-domain to a different IP Address or Server?

September 29, 2009 by  
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f you need to point a sub-domain to another server you should not use the sub-domains icon. Instead you want to use the DNS Zone Editor to add an A record to the appropriate IP address. For example if you were trying to create the sub-domain Log into your HELM control panel. Click on [...]

Flash Tutorials for Resellers :: DNS Zone Management

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Error reloading bind on server rndc: subdomain creation error

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If you are getting following error while creating the subdomain Error reloading bind on ServerName: rndc: Then you need to check the named configuration file that is /etc/named.conf something is messed up there. Try to reload the named and if its giving you any error like Error reloading bind then run this script /scripts/fixrndc If [...]

Linux Hosting Control Panels

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A Control Panel is a very important factor that comes with web hosting service. Your control panel determines how accessible the features of the server are to you so as to maximize the benefits to your web site. Since a large number of hosts offer hosting on Linux platform, following is a run down of [...]