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Billing and automation software ::ClientExec

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ClientExec ClientExec is a commercial web host billing system which helps to automate client management, support, and billing tasks. ClientExec is developed by NEWEDGE Services, Inc. and is located on the Internet at www.clientexec.com. On the ClientExec website, the application lists a wide range of server integration (panel) modules, gateway integration modules, domain name registrar [...]

Web Hosting and Billing Software:: How to choose

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Numerous web hosting billing software options are available. This guide provides an overview to help web hosts choose the most suitable web hosting billing software for their needs. Cost Some billing software programs for web hosts are open source (free), while most are commercial and available in these payment options (depending on the program): A [...]

Billing and automation software:: An Overview

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Overview of billing and automation software There are many types of billing and automation software. They automate common tasks for web hosting companies and other companies that provide services online. Billing software is software that assists companies in billing their customers, for example, through online orders and invoices. It also helps integrate payment gateways and [...]

License File Expired : Solution

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Due to several reasons you might have seen the error while loggin in to cPanel. In case the license is expired, contact your data center or license isser. If you believe, that your license is not expired, follow the steps to get out of this problem. First verify that your license is not invalid/expired Login [...]

cPanel license verification

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You can verify the license of your cPanel installation from the following URL: http://www.cpanel.net/apps/verify/ In the box, enter your server’s main IP and click the Verify button. It will show you detail license information.

Installing DirectAdmin in dedicated server

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Before you start install of DirectAdmin, make you everything is ready. Check Prerequisites: Check your OS and Hardware are capable of running DirectAdmin. Click here for details. At least one external IP address (NAT/LAN-based systems will NOT work). You have SSH, gcc and g++ installed. (Quick note: yum install gcc g++ or apt-get install gcc [...]