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Solution for cPanel, webmail logout or account switch problem

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If you are having difficulty switching between cPanel accounts, or logging into and out of your webmail account, your server may be using HTTP authentication. When HTTP authentication is enabled, most web browsers will not actually log out of a session until the browser widow/tab is closed, regardless of whether you use the Log Out [...]

VHCS – an alternative to paid control panels

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VHCS is open source control panel for Linux based server management which is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License (MPL). So it is free for using and modifying. It can manage Web, Mail (POP and/or IMAP), FTP, DNS, Databas, Quota, Traffic and offers graphic user interfaces for the administrators, resellers and domain [...]

Some Billing and Automation Software:: Both for Linux and Windows Platform

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This discussion about some Automation and Billing Software. Reading this article any one can gather necessary knowledge on Automation software. Okay lets go; AWBS AWBS – “Advanced Webhost Billing System” AWBS is a commercial web host billing system, which features a wide range of modules for automated domain name registration, web host account provisioning, and [...]

Billing and automation software ::ClientExec

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ClientExec ClientExec is a commercial web host billing system which helps to automate client management, support, and billing tasks. ClientExec is developed by NEWEDGE Services, Inc. and is located on the Internet at On the ClientExec website, the application lists a wide range of server integration (panel) modules, gateway integration modules, domain name registrar [...]

Web Hosting and Billing Software:: How to choose

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Numerous web hosting billing software options are available. This guide provides an overview to help web hosts choose the most suitable web hosting billing software for their needs. Cost Some billing software programs for web hosts are open source (free), while most are commercial and available in these payment options (depending on the program): A [...]

Billing and automation software:: An Overview

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Overview of billing and automation software There are many types of billing and automation software. They automate common tasks for web hosting companies and other companies that provide services online. Billing software is software that assists companies in billing their customers, for example, through online orders and invoices. It also helps integrate payment gateways and [...]