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[Podcast] Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates Demystified

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Transcript [intro] Lindsey White: OK. And we’re back with our official cPanel Podcast. My name is Lindsey White, and today we’re going to be interviewing Thomas Donnelly, our system administrator at cPanel. And we’re going to be talking about “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates Demystified”. And the first question I’d like to ask is, what [...]

Disallow /cpanel, /webmail to be redirected to ssl/tls ports (2083, 2096)

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If you are getting certificate errors while you are trying to visit http://domain/cpanel, the most probable reason is that the error is regarding the issuer. That is most people usages self-signed SSL certificates for the services. The error is not a big issue comparing to the benefits of using secured over Non-secured connections.  However, for [...]

How to install SSL certificate

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Installing your SSL Web Server Certificate in Plesk is very easy. Simply follow the steps. Download the Primary, Intermediate, and Root certificate files from your DigiCert account. Login to the Plesk Control Panel. Select ‘Domains’ from the left hand menu. Click on the domain name that the certificate is for. Click on the ‘Certificates’ menu [...]

SSL Certificate Installation, Step by Step

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First of all one must understand if your website needs an SSL certificate installed. SSL is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer. It is used for transfer of data through a secure channel i.e. between computers and the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) logoservers in an encrypted format. A website that involves online transactions, or share [...]

Install SSL certificate on Windows Server 2000 / 2003

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Open Internet Services Manager from the Administrative Tools. Right click on the website where you previously created a CSR and choose “Properties”. Press the “Directory Security” tab and then click “Server Certificate” in the “Secure Communications” section. When the wizard starts, choose “Process the pending request…” and press “Next”. In the next screen, click “Browse” [...]

Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request

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To install SSL for any domain, it must have dedicated IP address. So, if you don’t have a dedicated IP address for that same, you must assign it. To generate a SSL certificate signing request, follow the steps below: – Login to your WHM – Make sure the domain has dedicated IP address. – Click [...]